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Bally is a company with a more than 150 years history. Unlike the most fashion houses specializing in leather shoes and accessories, this brand isn't Italian or French, but a proud Swiss company. And the main core business of the company is superb quality leather shoes (both for men and women), and quality leather handbags. This brand sells also clothing and other accessories and the company has expanded internationally with boutique shops and representation worldwide.

new arrivals fauxBally started business in 1847 when brothers Carl Franz and Fritz Bally took over their fathers elastic ribbon manufactory.
After a business visit to Paris Carl was fascinated by a beautifully decorated pair of slippers that he brought o his wife. An idea was born and brothers established a company "Bally & Co". Fritz later left the company and Carl established new business under name of "C.F. Bally" and already in 1860 employed more than 500 people in his shoe factory. The brand expanded in other countries as well, and opened branches around the world, from Paris to Buenos Aires, producing shoes for work, leisure activities, as well as sports. This brand's traditions and expertise in luxury handbag manufacturing is absolutely one of the best. This is true quality leather handbag to buy, if you are searching for one. And this quality also means that the fashion purse from this brand will last long in its durability, beauty and functionality.

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In 1976 the fashion company started producing handbags and other high quality accessories. Today there are 200 single brand stores throughout the world and company promises to open new ones. Those purses are of superb quality, they are elegant, expensive and luxury. This label will be right for those people, who value the quality in leathers, in seams, in hardware and also in designs.

One of the hottest purses from the brand is the Jana bag. Angelina Jollie has been spotted wearing this simple lined beautiful satchel. Another interesting additon is the Beeleen handbag. It is rather different in its design from the classic handbags by the brand, however might appeal to some handbag hunters. Goes well with my knock off Jimmy Choo shoes.

Bally replica bags and accessories are cheap fake Bally knockoffs. These purses are mere imitations, so check out genuine discounted brand purses that some sites sell. Information on Bally sale or discounted products is often available on their website, so there is no need to go on ways of cheating, but to buy authentic and authorized products.

This brand's handbags are the exquisite craftsmanship - attention is paid to all the smallest details. So if designer purse sale offers discounted cheaper clutches and bags for smaller price, this is the right time to buy the them. Purse from this brand will not have the wholesale discount, however you will be able to save money and buy women handbag for smaller price, for example the beautiful Beeleen purse.

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